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8 secrets of every world-class brand

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Today, you’ll get the 8 secrets of a world-class LinkedIn about section for your brand (and why your brand matters more now than ever before).

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There’s this classic saying in marketing:

“Don’t sell the steak. Sell the sizzle.” What does it mean?

People don’t buy the product or service. They buy what the product will DO for them. They buy how the service makes them FEEL.

(Ex: You don’t buy a watch. You buy how the watch will make you feel.)

And there is “sizzle” hidden in everything you want to sell in life, including your About section on your LinkedIn profile.

How to get a great LinkedIn About section

Most people get this part completely wrong… 

Your LinkedIn About section is NOT:

  • Your entire life story

  • You list of awards & achievements

  • A boring summary of your entire resume

  • And definitely NOT to be written at 3rd person (Kevin is a great leader who…) - I mean, please.

Your about section is about your audience. And about what you Do for them. And how what you do makes them Feel.

(See how it all ties together?)

BTW, I love this amazing video from the 30’s of Elmer Wheeler (America’s #1 sales consultant and personality builder), who brilliantly says it all:

It’s not so much what you want to say, but what the customer wants to hear.

Elmer Wheeler


TL; DR; Simply put, there are 8 ingredients of every world-class brand’s about section on LinkedIn:

  1. Hook: Start with a statement that grabs attention.

  2. Problem Identification: Clearly define the problem your target audience faces.

  3. Introduction & Credibility: Briefly introduce yourself and establish your credibility.

  4. Vision & Desire: Paint a picture of what success looks like for them.

  5. Offer Solution: Detail the services you offer.

  6. Social Proof: Include testimonials or achievements to build trust.

  7. Personal Touch: Share a bit about yourself to make the section more relatable.

  8. Call to Action: Direct readers on what to do next.


What people think a personal brand is: posting lots of selfies.

What a personal brand actually is: positioning, visual identity, voice, interactive journey, influence cultivation, content strategy, trust building, and good meaningful stories.

Your personal brand is either working for or against your business. Your choice.

And it starts with your presence online.

Btw, I recently posted a handy infographic about this (which you all told me that you loved). Check out that LinkedIn post here.


Step 1: Hook + Pattern Interrupt

A pattern interrupt is something that goes against the reader's expectations.It’s something that catches them off guard and intrigues them into continuing to read. Here's how Kevin does it

For example, in my about section, I don’t start by saying, "My name is Ana, and I do XYZ." I start with a direct jab into the reader's mouth. 

Hook your audience from the start.

That instantly grabs attention (for the right audience).


Step 2: Problem Identification 

After hooking the reader — you want to empathize with their problem and pain points. Show them you really understand what they are.

This already positions you on a level of trust as you took the effort to dig deeper.

Step 3: Introduction & Credibility

 Keep this one brief, but juicy enough to show people what you’re made of and why they should listen to you.

I like to use this part as a mini teaser and then show full credentials later on once more.

Step 4: Create Desire

Paint a picture of their future, pain-free life (after working with you).

 It doesn’t have to be complicated. It only has to be their true vision.

This is how I do it in my about section.


Step 5: Offer Solution (Features + Benefits)

You see how we didn’t jump right into this is what you’re selling (you or your company)? Show the value first, offer the solution after.

Once you’ve empathized with their pain and painted a picture of their life without that pain… Explain HOW you alleviate their pain.

Like this:

Now you’re ready for the next step.

Step 6: Build Credibility (Social Proof + Results)

This is where you want to back up your claims with social proof. Include things like testimonials, case studies, reviews, etc…

This way they’ll be excited about their new life — and confident you can help them get there.

Btw, I many ask me what I am using to keep all my recommendations and testimonials in one place. I use Testimonials for this, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Try it out for free here.

This next part gets most of the time ommited. And it’s such a pitty.

Step 7: Personal touch

People buy from people, people!

Not from little robots who just show their awards and fantastic processes.

I had so many clients who wanted to work with me because of my personality, my approach, my attitude. Not just my performance.

Am sure you can relate to this, so why aren’t you showing your personality in your most viewed profile online?

Here’s a way to do this:

Note the two last lines in this section? You already know I am an art enthusiast and I like good stories.

Step 8: Call-to-Action

Now we can get to the last bit. Also often omitted.

I’ll keep this simple: people need to be told what to do to know they can do it.

Buy the ice cream, call your mom, drink water. We know we can do them, but we won’t until we are told.

This is your time to help people take action. Here’s how I do it, simply:

And that’s all, folks!  

Now, do you want a simple script formula to adapt your about section? I got you covered with this prompt (use it with your ChatGPT and fill in the brackets with your details):

**[Scroll-Stopping Opening Statement]**

Are you a [Target Audience: e.g., SaaS founder, seasoned investor] who feels that your [Current Issue: e.g., online identity, market presence] doesn’t reflect your [Desired Outcome: e.g., industry impact, investment acumen]? I’m [Your Name], and I specialize in [Your Specialty: e.g., enhancing online visibility, optimizing investment strategies] through [Methods/Services: e.g., innovative marketing, strategic growth planning].

Many [General Group: e.g., professionals, industry leaders] lose valuable opportunities due to [Common Problem: e.g., ineffective communication, lack of visibility]. Imagine an [Ideal Solution: e.g., online platform, investment portfolio] that not only highlights your strengths but also attracts [Specific Benefits: e.g., new business, top-tier startups], all while you focus on [Related Action: e.g., scaling your operations, exploring new markets].

Here’s how I can help transform your [Aspect to Improve: e.g., digital footprint, investor relations]:

- **[Service Category 1: e.g., Strategic Planning]**: [Brief Description: e.g., Develop plans that align with your business goals].
- **[Service Category 2: e.g., Brand Enhancement]**: [Brief Description: e.g., Craft a unique presence that communicates your core values].
- **[Service Category 3: e.g., Network Expansion]**: [Brief Description: e.g., Connect with key industry figures through targeted outreach].
- **[Service Category 4: e.g., Performance Optimization]**: [Brief Description: e.g., Improve operational efficiency and market response].

My experience includes [Your Achievements: e.g., over a decade in market strategy, recognized by major industry awards], and as a [Your Role/Title: e.g., board member, keynote speaker], I am committed to [Your Commitment: e.g., driving innovation, fostering sustainable growth].

If you're ready for [Promise: e.g., a comprehensive approach that delivers results, a partnership that respects and amplifies your vision], let’s connect. Enhance your [Aspect to Improve: e.g., professional standing, business strategy] by visiting [Website or Call to Action: e.g.,] or booking a [Type of Call: e.g., consultation, strategy session] to start our journey together.

[Personalized Closing Remark: e.g., Together, we can redefine success.]

How is your About section looking? Will you make any changes after this?

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Till next time,


Buzz out.

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